Twitter Reminds Us Andy Dalton Has Red Hair

andy-dalton-signs-with-nike-01Plenty of people took to Twitter to react to Andy Dalton’s massive new contract with the Bengals, keeping Cincinnati in the red zone for the next 6 years.  Understandably, there were plenty of people who needed to point out his most prominent feature: his red hair.  Hold that red head high, Andy.  Sure, you’re yet to win a playoff game, and you’ve thrown 6 interceptions to only one touchdown in those 3 appearances.  And maybe the Bengals, who many consider to be one of the deepest and talented rosters in the NFL, would go further if they had a better quarterback…but without you, how would people make red head comments every NFL Sunday?  That joy alone is worth all the money the Bengals want to give you. Continue reading