Training Camp Preview

wnjdo_manning_761975Hey, Eli!  The NFL season is almost here, how do you feel?  He looks pretty excited to me.  In attempt to be relevant for 24 whole hours, the Buffalo Bills were the first team to open Training Camp the other day,  however, it wasn’t until I saw that goofy bastard and 2-time Super Bowl MVP did it truly hit me that we are on the verge of the NFL season.  Sure I’ve been bombarded with, “It’s only (fill in the blank) days until the NFL Season” on social media.  Hell, I even have a countdown clock on the side of this website, but there’s just something reassuring about seeing Eli’s blank stare as he tries to explain what he needs to do better (not throwing 27 interceptions would be a start).  So, in the first of what are sure to be many NFL previews, I thought I’d take a look at some things I’m looking for during training camp. Continue reading

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NBA Offseason Rundown

burning-lebron-james-jerseyCleveland became the most forgiving city in America, and Dan Gilbert taught us that if someone you love leaves you, all you have to do is write a petty and spiteful letter bashing them, wait four years, and then they’ll come running back into your life.  Clearly, everyone should use this tactic next time their girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with them.   Continue reading

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Joel Embiid Hits on Kim Kardashian

embiidBased on Kim Kardashian’s dating history, you can’t blame Joel Embiid for thinking he has a chance with the bootylicious Kim.  Between Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and Kris Humphries, she clearly has a penchant for going after athletes.  The only problem (well, one of the problems) is that Embiid didn’t know that she is married to Kanye West. Continue reading

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The Derek Jeter All-Star Drinking Game

jeter all starAre you like me?  Are you tired of the un-godly amount of praise heaped on Derek Jeter game after game?  I was watching an ESPN broadcast a couple of weeks ago when the announcer said, “People will be talking about Derek Jeter literally thousands of years from now.”  Maybe he didn’t understand exactly how long a thousand years is…or maybe he got so caught up in the Jeter love-fest that he lost all concept of time.  Either way, it has become nauseating, and we all need a way to combat the 4 hour public service announcement for how great Jeter is (AKA the All-Star Game) tonight.  Luckily, I have a solution.  Presenting: The Derek Jeter All-Star Drinking Game! Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: To A Simpler Time

bird-and-magicA long time ago the most interesting thing about the NBA season was the NBA season.  It was a time when a great mid-range game was all the rage, fans rushed the court after a championship, and short shorts were cool.  Contracts were agreed to over bottles of scotch and cigars (at least that’s the way I imagine it).  Now the NBA offseason has taken on a life of its own.  There are sources, reports, and reports that there is nothing new to report.  Every day I have to wake up and check my Twitter to see who Free Agent X is meeting with…where the meeting is taking place…how long the meeting is…who was present at the meeting.

Enough is enough, and I’ve had ENOUGH!  I’m putting my foot down and unfollowing every single NBA insider on Twitter right now, and I suggest you do the same.  As fans, all we’re doing is feeding the beast.  The world will be a much better place if we stop over-analyzing every single “source” or “report” that comes out.  When a player signs, I’m going to find out the old fashioned way: Reading the bottom line on ESPN.





Who am I kidding?  Has anyone created an app that tracks LeBron’s every movement?  The LeBron Stalker?